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I am so good at it. Working hard. And therefore, creating hard work. ? It makes me feel like I really accomplished something. It allows me to feel worthy and happy.

Until my dreams, visions and excitement became bigger and it became too hard. I simply couldn’t will my dreams into existence. It didn’t work. Which was hard work. Which felt as if I was doing really good. Can you see the pattern? ???

Another way

That’s when I started to become available for another way. A way in which I allowed the energy of the universe to work with me. Or rather, I started to work with the universe. With the flow and synchronicity that followed from stepping into the stream.

Balancing my will with faith. Participating with my will, but leaning on faith and momentum to make things happen.

It’s still a challenge. Working hard is still a go to pattern when I feel things are not going the way I want (and therefore, increasing the likelihood of things not going the way I want). But this tendency is noticed now and therefore I am free of it.

We create our reality

In the eyes of energy, of the universe, nothing is easy or hard. Everything is neutral. So why make it hard? Why create resistance? Our worthiness was never tied to the hard work anyway. It was just the only way we allowed ourselves to feel worthy. As soon as we see through it, we can drop the game.

Instead of thinking something is going to be hard, choose to shift. Become the person for whom this is easy and effortless, or shift the meaning we have tied to the work: this is so easy! Feel how it feels if this were to be true: easy I mean.

I promise you, easy it is. ?✨

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