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About me

Hi there fellow artist, leader, entrepreneur, messenger, light worker!

So happy to connect with you!

I am Eveline, a spiritual entrepreneur, business mentor, certified coach, teacher and course creator. I am here to be of service to you; the passionate, the artists, the change makers, the dreamers, the creators, the business leaders and the love and light warriors!

Although I know quite a lot about businesses (I worked as a management consultant for 8 years), setting up my OWN business, really from my heart & purpose, wasn’t so easy. It took me a long time to fully embrace my dream: to teach, inspire and lead transformations from the inside out: from the heart. It just felt too good. Too much in line with what I am. I wasn’t ready to show up like that. It felt so naked!

So I did what I knew best: I tried to fit in, adjust. Do it like I was supposed to do. Hide behind my role as a consultant, advisor, certified coach and trainer. Be what I thought I should be: a true professional. Yes, I know, sounds really fulfilling, fun and flowing right? 😉

I am here to be of service to you; the passionate, the artists, the change makers, the dreamers, the creators, the business leaders and the love and light warriors!

Truly live

In order for me to not only embrace my dream, but to also start feeling like I was truly living this dream – being it, not just doing it – I needed to uplevel the shit out of my own beliefs of what was available to me. Yes, I knew all about strategies, structures and processes, I owned my own company, earning good money, living the dream of combining travel with work, but I still felt trapped! I still felt unexcited! It wasn’t about the external things, it was inside of me! I was in the way! I was manifesting my own limitations and littleness!

Fun and free

So I asked myself: what would I do if lack truly didn’t exist, if fear wasn’t real? What would change? That’s when I decided it was time to take the BIG leap. To be ruthless in choosing love over fear, step INTO the arena. Was it scary? Hell yes! But FINALLY life started to get truly fun and free! Fun & free in a way I honoustly could have never imagined.

Are you done hiding? Are you done playing it small? Yesssss!!!! I hear you! I see you! It is time my friend, to truly DECIDE. You are needed! Start NOW, before you feel ready!

Create a life beyond your dreams

My intention is to create transformational programs that offer you relentless focus, support, love, believe and understanding to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Your BEST life. I have total faith in your journey, your dreams, you’re inner knowing: I know you know, even when you don’t know yet! Yes, I can support and mentor you with the business side of things, but most of all, with your inner transformation. Because we are already complete, we have everything we need inside of us. Are you ready to open the door? I love it!!!! Book your free focus session!

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