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You quite likely heard of it somewhere down the road. The word ‘intention’. As in: what is your intention? And you might have thought it was just a fancy hipster word for something like ‘goal’. Or at least I thought so! And although I got used to the word and started using it myself in my coaching questions years ago, it wasn’t until I started following teachings on ancient shamanic wisdom that I started to experience the depth and incredible power this simple word is pointing to.

In the Shamanic teachings I am following there is such incredible wisdom around how we, as consciousness, shape not only the outer world we live in, but also the person through which we experience this outer world. And this is where I got to experience my meaning of intent.

To me, intent is everything. In my experience, intent is my power. Intent is my free will. Intent is the wand with which I get to create magic. With which I get to direct & focus energy. It’s my anchor into awareness and awakening. It’s my connection to abundance, happiness, freedom and feeling safe in this world.

Over time, this simple word became one of my most important means of transformation. I didn’t just make a habit out of getting clear on my intent in almost everything I do, whether it’s eating, going to sleep, or doing anything during the day, I even can’t imagine NOT doing it. To me, it seems rather silly and pointless to go about your day NOT being clear and grounded inside a clear intent: why on earth would you even move? If there is no direction, no focus, no consciousness, no engine in your actions? What’s the point in doing anything, really? 

For me, intention doesn’t mean creating a tunnel vision and it doesn’t mean controlling our outside world. Intent is my anchor into my inner world. It’s my anchor in the how instead of the what. It’s directing my inner energy towards the experience I am choosing to have. It’s how I am taking responsibility of myself.

How to set a clear intent? Be creative with it and make it yours! Sometimes a certain intent stays with me during a day, a week, sometimes it’s connected to a specific activity. At times it’s a word, at others a sentence, but it always points towards a feeling, an experience I am choosing to have. Today, my intent was more like a mantra: “I let things come to me”. The words point towards the feeling of staying centred in the now. To stop pushing and pulling and allow things to flow to me. Can you feel the energy of relaxation?

 As we are all determiners and shapers of energy: what is your intent today? How do you choose to experience the current segment of your day?

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