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In these times of uncertainty we either tend to hold on to everything we know and can control, to every little bit of solidity we can find, or we turn to stress; to panic, fear, overwhelm, or frantic action. What if we tried something else? Not as a way to put a silver lining around the chaos that is happening, but to see the chaos for what it really is: energy moving out of pattern, or in other words; the BEST time to create lasting change!

From an energetic point of view we are currently experiencing a collective, worldwide ripple of chaos of some sort. What is chaos? Chaos is energy breaking free from pattern. You could say that energy that was solidly moving in a pattern ‘8’ has broken out and turned into a ‘9’; energy is moving free from pattern. And yes, to us, that feels like chaos. Everything we thought we knew about this life, everything we took for granted is out of order.

What to do when the 8 turns into a 9? When energy starts to move out of pattern? We have two options:

  1. Either we move with chaos; feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, trying to find some control, while over time the energy will find either an old or some random new pattern to run in;
  2. Or we use our focus and intention to create new desired patterns. Patterns that are productive, supportive and creative. Patterns that we intentionally design as true determiners of energy.

What we need for option 2? Instead of vibrating with the energy of chaos, become the stillness and peace that is inside, or underneath the chaos. Turn inward. Find relaxation in your body. Become the space in which chaos can run free, instead of moving wíth the chaos.

Within this stillness, become a determiner of energy. What do you want to create? Not from fear, but from connection to your inner truth. What new pattern do you wish to generate? How do you want to feel? Focus on who you would become in the new pattern and choose to become that now. Become the eye of the storm and use your determination to direct the energy that is running free into a new desired pattern.

If you ever found yourself waiting for the right time: this is it darling. This is the time, this is the call, this is the most perfect moment to change the things you want to change. The things you always wanted to do differently; to take better care of your body, to live a more balanced life, to create loving and inclusive systems, to share your beauty and gifts with the world.

Let’s ride the wave of change together! ✨?


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