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This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. We all knew it wasn’t going to last. We all knew things needed to shift big time.

This is it. The momentum for the big shifts is here. And it starts with you. Within you. Right now in this second.

Didn’t you secretly wish for things to just stop for a moment? Didn’t you wish you had a moment to think? A moment just to be? A moment of stillness to turn things around? To create something new? To burn bridges and start over?

This is it darling. This is that moment. This is your cue.

And I know you are scared. I know everything inside of you screams to wait for the storm to pass. To just hang in there and hold on tight for now. To wait for things to cool down. Wait for the kids to get back to school. Wait until the wise ones ‘out there’ fix the problem and things turn back to normal. Then you can find your peace. Then you can think. And then you can create something new in your life.

But deep down you know, you aren’t here for the world to turn back to normal. Although you might be scared of the future, you deep down know you would be disappointed if it did.

Instead of waiting for things to cool down, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to create something nice, something perfect, know that the chaos is your cue. The fear is your sign. The mess is your momentum. It shows us that the gate is open. The old pattern died. This is the most natural moment to create something new. Whether it’s a business, a lifestyle, or any new pattern, or feeling you are longing for.

Messy is perfect. Messy is real. We want your realness. We want your messiness. We love who you are now. With your fear. With your freeze. With your temptation to wait until it’s all over. Show us, dear light being. Show us the way. It starts with you. You are the transformation you’ve been waiting for. You are the change. You are the fix. And you are here to lead the way.

You see, the time to create the new is now. And it starts within you. And yes, you can wait if you want. There will be other moments. No need to get anxious. But tell me, do you really want to get back to normal again? Or do you dare to surf this wave of chaos? Do you dare to use the energy that is running free to create something new? To try out something new?

You are the new world you’ve been waiting for. You are it. Start and the world will follow. Go inward and ask yourself: what would it feel like if I would give myself everything I need. If I would give myself everything I long for right now. Peace, freedom, love, time, support, happiness, safety, full creative expression, whatever it is. Can you feel it? Can you bask in that?

In that feeling, do you feel inspired, excited, or pulled to create, to share, or to be whatever, wherever? Take the feeling with you and just be that, do that. This is not a time to adjust, this is a time to be crystal clear on the amount of love, freedom, safety and peace you are here for. And it starts within you!

You are not alone. I am right here with you. Messy and all. Let me know what you need. ?‍♀️

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