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Are you living your best life…?

 If you have to think about the answer, chances are it’s a ‘no’. Yes, you can tell me all about your successes and how you have your life and business sorted. How you are happy with your home, your friends, and your partner. How you are happy with your business, your growth, and your strategy. Yes, you checked all the boxes; you are hitting the gym and travelling to beautiful foreign places. Yes, you can try to convince me all you want.  

How come you still have to think about the answer to this question?

For me, living my best life isn’t about checking boxes. It isn’t about things. For me, living my best life is about living my truth. It’s about honesty. It’s about listening in beyond my feelings. Listening in to my wisdom and truth. For me, it’s about choosing to live that truth. However inconvenient, scary, and uncomfortable that might be. It’s about being what I am right now. Unconditionally.

Living my best life means I choose to speak up in meetings when I feel something is off, even when I don’t know what is happening and what the solution is. It means investing and being in my business in a way that doesn’t resonate with what is now, but resonates with what I envision it to be, what I know it to be, even if that scares the hell out of me. It means walking away from opportunities that make so much sense, but in one way or the other don’t feel right. It means diving in new friendships and relationships unconditionally with an open and trembling heart. It means choosing to eat and drink not according to a rigid philosophy, or the latest scientific trends, but according to what I feel my body truly needs and wants, whether that makes sense or not. 

It means doing the right thing, without any rigid ideas about what is ‘right’. It means having the courage to do what I feel guided to do and take every opportunity to be wrong, change my mind and learn, expand and grow. It means being ok with disharmony. It means to remain as open and curious as I can at this time. It means to be ok with whatever happens. It means to deal with life and dead changes gracefully.

For me, it’s not about perfection, but about movement.  

What would you do right now, if you would choose to live yóur best life?

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