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Airports are truly great gateways for awakening. So much excitement and noise, it’s the perfect environment to practice awareness. To remain as what is.

Instead of getting caught up in the shapes and forms appearing around me, or in the thoughts and emotions arising within me, I remain as what is before that: conscious awareness. The person, Eveline, with all these ideas about what needs to happen, what she wants to happen: getting a seat on the plane to Colombia (I am flying with a standby ticket), getting the right seat, being on time at the gate, it all drops away. The whole idea of this woman with all her likes and dislikes drops away. What remains is peace. Space. A sense of simple happiness.

And to my surprise I notice: the quieter I get, the smoother the transition is.

The more I find my home in myself in the middle of this noise without needing or wanting anything, the more the appearances around me seem to orchestrate themselves in a perfect unfolding. Seemingly long lines fall away, new check-in desks open up and I seem to be effortlessly carried along by a gentle flowing river.

I suddenly realise: the journey was never intentionally meant to be bumpy. I don’t even need to “work” on manifesting a smooth journey. When I am plugged in into my own alignment with source, when I am home, when I truly surrender in faith to the greater good of all, life simply works with me. Not because I deserve it, or because the universe feels like it today. But because that’s just the way it’s operating. Life is giving when we get out of the way with our pushing and pulling.

And I know that enjoying the beauty of Cartagena is just a cherry on the cake. Because I am already home. Cheers to you consciousness! ✨?✨⁠

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