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The power of intention

5 tips to make your new year’s resolutions truly stick!

With the start of the last real workweek of 2019 and the winter solstice coming up this weekend, it’s time to slow down, reflect and think about our resolutions for the next decade. Or have you given up on them already? Thinking they’ll never stick anyway?

 Are you sure about this? Sure you want to miss this opportunity to get your hands in the clay? Miss out on the opportunity to co-create with life and use your true innate power as a creative human? I certainly won’t! Let’s turn up the magic and use the power of intention to make our new year’s resolutions stick! Let’s go for some effortless creation in the next decade!

I love this time of year: a time to slow down, lighting up the fireplace, turning my attention inwards and reflect a little. What did 2019 bring? What do I feel grateful about? And what do I long for? What do I wish to create in the upcoming decade?

Change starts with making a choice. Choosing to open your mind. Choosing to learn new ways. Choosing to do things differently. Choosing different things. What do you long for? What do you desire to create, to manifest? Is it more freedom in your day? More meaning in your life? Like you truly make a difference? Do you wish to have more money? To travel? Spend more time with you family? Set up or grow your own business?

What if you knew the manifestation of every one of these dreams is perfectly available to the creator inside of you? Starting to feel more excited? Then let’s go and create space to set your intentions for the decade to come!

5 steps to make your New Year’s resolutions stick!

Step 1: Create time and space to turn inward

Go to a place where you won’t be disturbed, where you can tune in to yourself, with a notebook to write things down and reflect. Nature and the elements of earth, wind, fire and water can really help us in finding our inner truth and wisdom. If you can, sit by the fire!
Step 2: Gratitude

Reflect back on 2019, or even on the past decade. What happened? Who did I become over the last 10 years? What do I feel grateful for? Write it down in your notebook if that feels good to you, or speak your gratitude out aloud. Feel the feeling of excitement and gratitude. By doing this you integrate these events and create a foundation for more of these feelings to come.

Step 3: Give aways

What are the patterns, situations, relationships in the past year or decade that you are ready to release? What are you ready to let go of, to give away? If it helps, use your notebook to write them down. And now, speak out loud: state your name, state the situation and state you are ready to give it away now (using full determination). Trust that with stating this out loud, the situation is released. Expect to see different patterns.

 Step 4: Intentions

Now it’s time to choose something new. What is it that you long for? What is it that you want to manifest in 2020, or in the upcoming decade? Use your notebook to become as concise as you can. What is it exactly? What makes it so important to you? What does it represent? Now state it out loud like it is done, like you are turning in the future version of yourself that already manifested it, thanking yourself and the universe for the creation. “Thank you for …..”

 Step 5: Let go to let come

This is where the magic happens! Instead of holding on tightly to what we want to manifest, choose to become the person who already has it. Choose to be the representation of the thing you desire. Choose to be who you would become with the thing, without needing the thing! And trust that by being the version of yourself that already has it, the thing you desire just has to come your way. That, or something even better, beyond your wildest dreams and imagination!

Let’s turn 2020 into magic together!!

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