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Today it dawned on me again: being love is enough. Everything we are searching for in this world: love, acceptance, being seen, worthiness, joy, it’s all right here. It’s all here. Because we are thát.

And I know this may sound like one of those airy-fairy statements you heard before: “yeah, yeah yeah, we are everything we need, we have to love ourselves first, blah, blah, blah.” But really, hear me out. Or rather, let me in. Because this what I am feeling right now, what I am aligned with right now, it’s in you too, it ís you.

What if you knew, that 99% of the outcomes you so desire are generated by your state of being? By your feeling state? And what if your best state of being ever was simply the result of your contentment, your peace of mind, your relaxation in and with the current moment? What if your best state of being ever was the result of the alignment with what you are? Your alignment with your naturalness in this moment in time? You don’t even have to be happy, or grateful with what you have right now. That’s great too, but if that feels like a stretch, because it takes you right back to what you don’t have and want, simply resting as what you are is enough. Enough to bring you straight back into alignment with yourself. Straight back into your best feeling state ever. Straight back to your inspiration and guidance.

Can you allow yourself to be ok right now? To enjoy yourself as what you are right now? Without getting into any thoughts of what you should be doing, what should be happening, what isn’t right, how you aren’t where you want to be?

Every time I am in this place, this place of alignment, when I feel love gushing through me, or when I simply feel the space and aliveness inside of me, it reminds me: I am enough. Or rather, it’s the opposite, I am infinite. I am endless. THIS is enough. Because this is everything. And at that moment, I can so clearly see: we are all wizards. We create worlds.

Does that mean there is nothing to do to reach for your dreams? To me it’s not so much an either or. Simply because this fragrance of alignment is here when I sit still and is here when I move. And when I am in alignment, doing things feels magical. It doesn’t even matter what it is that I do, the energy I align with at the moment of doing is flowing through every activity. It feels like the doing is a dance with energy. It’s like my hands are not just typing, they are playing Bach on the piano. The words that flow through me feel like the most magical songs ever made.

And I can’t help but smile and feel: this is enough. This is lovemaking in full expression. There is no more wanting, or desiring in this place. This is an infinite love affair that’s enough because it’s everything.

Can you allow yourself to make your work a love affair? Can you allow yourself to make your alignment with yourself the biggest intention of all? I promise you, the rest will be history.

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