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For most of us, somewhere along the line the question arises: “why am I here? What is my purpose?” For some of us, these questions create quite a soul search in the job department. When we start to wake up from the thought trains we once identified with, we suddenly realise: is this world gone completely mad? And working just to get paid, or to move up a career ladder seems rather insane. “But what is the point then?” You might find yourself asking. “Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What should I be doing?”

Over the years, I asked myself these questions multiple times on multiple occasions. The answers I found to be true for myself varied from:

  • we are here to learn lessons
  • we are here to experience
  • we are here to enjoy the beauty of this world
  • we are here to be of service
  • we are here to spread love
  • we are here for consciousness to wake up to itself

Beautiful, but of course these answers might not be as concrete as one might hope. An answer like: fire fighter, doctor, or pilot might have been more of what you longed for and for some of us the answer is as concrete as that. But what if it’s not? What to do?

Well, there is no general answer really. For most of us there is no 5-step plan leading to the thing. For me, it feels more like a journey towards freedom. Freedom from the illusion of limitations. While I absolutely love what I do and I am in my business to stay, I know the answer to “why I am here” changes over time.

My journey started with me daring to open myself up to what I actually liked doing. What I found really really interesting. It started with me thinking in my own coaching sessions: “I want to do what you are doing!” It evolved when getting a coaching degree. At that point I thought I really found my purpose, my place in life. This was it. But this perspective changed over time too. The more I opened up to possibilities, the more rich and diverse my working life became, the more my private life and my business started to blend in. I like writing, so I started to write. I like teaching so I started to teach. I still like coaching, so I did that, while rearranging the way how I was coaching. Rearranging how I run my business. Seriously, I would never have guessed what it would look like 6 years ago, when I started my own business.

Instead of knowing all the answers before starting, I just started with what I knew at the time. I let my curiosity and drive move me forward. I worked hard, tried out many different things, worked with many different people, found things I liked, things I didn’t like, changed my mind, made many mistakes, learned to not work so hard and enjoy more and I know my business will just keep on evolving with me over time.

Most importantly, I never found any answer outside of myself. It was always already within me. And while I made it a journey of years, I know it doesn’t have to be. Because I can see now that it was always about me. About my beliefs about how easy and fun I allowed it to be. I can see now that it was never so much about what to do, but more on how to do it. On the freedom I create to do it the way I want it.

There are are no limitations to what is possible for any of us. Really. The limitations exist inside of us. And you don’t have to beat yourself up over this; because it can be so much fun to let these limitations drop away over time.

How to start? Well, you already did to be honest. Some questions that might help you move forward could look like:

  1. What do you like doing? Is there anything you are particularly interested in, you love to read about, talk about, or which comes very natural to you?
  2. What’s in the way of simply starting there? What beliefs are in the way? Is it that things can’t be that easy or fun? Or that you should have a plan first? Or that you are not good enough, or not ready yet? That there isn’t enough money in that line of work? What are the limitations that hold you back and what do you want to do with those beliefs? Are they 100% true? What could be more true? What could you “get behind” right now that could be more true? Or can you simply drop the belief by seeing it for what it is: a belief?
  3. What do you feel inspired to do? What is the smallest step with the biggest impact that you feel called to do right now? You don’t necessarily have to quit your job right away (although you can of course!), make it easy and natural and create some momentum for yourself by moving forward, however small your step is.

Whenever it feels hard to you, remember that in most of our journeys there will be certain times in which we are called to evolve our spiritual determination. During these times, you can decide to take on the opportunity to evolve your determined spirit to move forward because you feel that that’s the way, even if you are scared shitless.

Are you accepting the challenge?

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