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Last week my sister and I, we booked locations for our upcoming trip to South Africa. The booking websites did a particularly good job at inviting the energy of lack into the equation: “you missed it, this place is already sold out”, “xx many people are currently looking at this location right now”, “only 1 room left” etc. Especially after one of our dream locations sold out IN the booking process, we both started feeling terrible. “This was really the best place and now it’s gone! We won’t find anything as great as that one…!”

Choosing overflow

We decided we both needed to completely snap out of this frantic energy of lack and instead, invite overflow back into the equation. We needed to step into what we really wanted again. What we dreamed of. The vibe of the beautiful places we got to visit. The peacefulness, the inspiration, the beauty. The swimming pools, the fireplaces, the views of the ocean, the view of the mountains, the lovely people we will get to meet. It was a challenge, as by now we were both so attached to this particular place that it was so logical to go back to: “well, we’ve seen everything, this really was the best place, and it’s now gone, so there won’t be anything as nice”. Instead, we needed to challenge ourselves to believe that there were more than enough amazing places for us. That everything is here to help us. That the place matching our true dreams finds us effortlessly.

We needed to step back in the energy of Overflow. In the energy of More Than Enough.


How to transform lack to overflow

Where in your life do you hold beliefs about lack? What would happen if you invited overflow in? Overflow of money, overflow of time, overflow of support, overflow of joy, overflow of inspiration, overflow of energy? Overflow of anything and everything you ever wanted? Of More Than Enough? What would it look like? What would it feel like? What would you see?

As you are the creator of your life, experiencing overflow starts with you:

  1. Notice the beliefs you currently hold in a certain area (around money, around time, around opportunities, around love, around whatever). Imagine: what would it look like if you invited overflow into these areas? Can you allow yourself to dream it, to see it, to feel it?
  2. Choose to step into overflow. Choose to BE overflow. See it everywhere you are. How much overflow is already existent in your life right now? The abundance of opportunities, of love, of kind people, of food, of whatever you see around you that reflects the energy of overflow. Focus only on that. See only that. Rewire your brain.
  3. Whenever you feel you are challenged (and you will be!) and you notice any thoughts around lack, or scarcity: nip it in the bud! Choose to see it differently. Choose a different narrative. A narrative that could be more true. A narrative that feels better. This is your actual ‘work’ if there ever was any!

If you notice the concept of lack is more real to you than the concept of overflow, imagine this: there is no reality really. Nothing is more or less real than anything else. Just because the concept of ‘lack’ get’s so much attention and focus in your life (and society) doesn’t mean it’s more true, it just means you are used to think and feel like that. What if you allowed yourself to think and feel something else?

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