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You already know, deep down, that you can create anything you want. There is nothing more or less easy to create than anything else. It’s all the same really. You can make your life as easy or as hard as you choose. But this feeling of fulfilment. Of true fulfilment. The feeling of okayness. Of having done enough, of being enough. This feeling of peace. It’s not coming from the creation of the things. It’s not he result of living the life you want to live. It’s not coming from your manifestations.

It’s the other way around.

The feeling of deep fulfilment, of peace, of relaxation. Of everything being ok just the way it is. The feeling of safety, of warmth, of comfort. Nothing to care about. Nothing to change. Nothing to do.

It’s not an end, it’s a beginning. And the beginning is inside.

And I know you know. This is not news to you. I know it resonates deeply within you. So just for now, can you take a breath? Can you allow yourself to sink in? Allow the feeling of nothingness, calmness, okayness, spread through you? Can you bask in that? Can you become that? Can you allow yourself to believe this is enough? This is all it takes?

Can you, just for now, allow yourself to know that life requires so much less effort than you think? So much less resistance? Can you allow yourself to become the space in which everything appears, without you needing to do or be anything?

Can you allow yourself to be just as you are? Your naturalness? Can you allow the universe to work together with you through this naturalness?

It’s okay. Everything is okay. There is nothing to do, or to un-do. There is nothing to be, nothing to care for outside of ourselves. So just stay here, as what you are.

 If there was ever anything to do, it’s only here, in this moment, in this naturalness. And you will know, in this moment, what that is. You will know in this moment, what truth needs to be spoken. What action needs to be taken. These things require no thoughts, no planning, no strategizing. They require no resistance whatsoever.

 The deeply fulfilling life simply follows the depth of your fulfilment right now. The truth is, it was always already following your lead. You were always already creating it. You simply forgot to see yourself clearly: like the dog chasing its own tail. The feeling you long for, it’s within you. Everything else will follow.

 So relax and choose to enjoy this moment.


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