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Imagine this: what if you lived in a universe in which there are no mistakes? What if no mistakes existed? What if you lived in a universe in which everything happened to help you? Support you?

What would you do right now? What would you start with right now? Before you are ready. Before you figured it out. Before you made a plan.

I spent quite some years struggling. Trying to keep up with what was asked of me. Trying to hang in there. Then I spent years admitting to myself I wanted something else, but not knowing how to change. The red thread in all those years: I was resisting what was. Resisting the life I created for myself. Resisting how I spent my days, but not seeing any way out. Not knowing how to change. I needed a solid plan first. I needed clarity first. 

Right now, I am in such a different place. A different universe you could say. I created a different life. A life filled with freedom and time, so much time. A life in which holidays, workdays and weekdays blend. In which there is no difference between work and life, because the work I created is based on the things I love most. Writing, growing, creating together with amazing clients. People that inspire me. People that open my heart more every day.

How it all changed?



Yes, I made a few bold choices. I made a few radical decisions. Starting my own business was one of them. Investing insanely in myself was another. But in the end, it was my faith and my focus that brought me there. One little step at the time.

It was my faith in the possibility of another life. My faith in myself. My faith in my dreams and my visions.

It was my focus on the life I desired to live. It was my focus on the positive changes. My focus on the positive evidence. My focus on the feeling of desire.

Every single day.

It is so easy to see the flaws. It’s so easy to tell yourself the story of not being ready yet. It’s so easy to see what’s lacking. What you are lacking. So easy to see you aren’t perfect. But it’s old news darling. It’s a boring story. There is nothing there for you anymore. You’ve looked at it for a long time now. 

Rather ask yourself: “what do I really want?” Can you allow yourself to focus on the possibility of your dream for a few seconds? For a few moments? A few seconds without coming up with all the reasons why it wouldn’t work, why it isn’t possible, why you aren’t ready? Can you allow yourself to stay focused on how good it feels to be in that dream? How great it is to feel the feeling of desire? And to enjoy just that?

Yes? Then see what happens. Feel what you are inspired to do.

Focus on the small things. The one email. The one phone call. The one thing. Do that. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to do it right. You don’t need to think about it and you don’t need to make a strategy or a plan.

Instead of focusing on doing the things right, start with doing the right things! Start to create movement! These little things add up. They create the foundation for the big shifts. They create momentum. They create a life.

Think about this: a year from now you would have wanted you started today! Let’s create your best life!

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