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– Cha Cha real smooth – 

On dancing with transformation ?✨

So here you are, moving through life as a true determiner of energy. Using your intent and focus, choosing your experience of life freely and deliberately and then… You suddenly feel like shit. It might be Mercury turning retrograde; it might be the winter that’s still going strong; it might be your period, but whatever it is, everything just feels VERY HARD.

Transformations. The moments in life when I feel contracted. When I feel like grumpy cat. And yes please, I would do anything to get rid of this feeling. And yes, it’s very tempting to start blaming myself for not being able to snap out of it, for not being able to reach for better feeling thoughts, because I know it’s not really real.

But wait…

What if… There is nothing to change? What if there is nothing to do, or undo, in the midst of this feeling?

By now, I recognize these moments. I feel pressure is somehow building up, building up like a wave. ? Building up to break out to move more freely. I know that I don’t need to fix anything, that there isn’t anything I need to do but to relax. I know that after this moment passes, I will feel more expanded. And I know, that deep down, I created this experience myself, as a permission slip to shift to a new reality.

So how to be within these moments of transformation? For me, it’s about relaxing with the contraction. It’s about becoming the space in which transformation can happen gracefully. Instead of identifying with the contraction, with the feelings and thoughts that are stirred, with the suffering, I choose to turn to what remains still. I choose to become the space in which this life is danced: cha cha real smooth, two steps forward, one step back. Or the other way around. Whatever. ?

The storms are here to set us free, to wash away what we no longer need. ??

Instead of suffering in transformations, may they support us in becoming impersonal. To break free of identification with the one who suffers. Instead, let’s choose to cha cha real smooth! ??✨

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